The Garden of Light and Exhibition

TheGarden of Light has multiple levels of meaning. Crevoshay explores the  interrelationships between the mineral, floral and animal kingdoms.

Upon approaching the request to mount a one woman show for the CarnegieMuseum of Natural History, it occurred to her that the jewels, the flowers, the butterflies, spiders, the dragonflies and the noble metals and the gems are all nature. The collection expresses that man imitates nature, and that nature imitates nature.

Some flowers possess the amazing intelligence to mimic the scent of the mating insects they are trying to seduce. Flowers also sometimes mimic the appearance of insects that they wish to lure to pollinate them.Nature has always been the force behind her inspiration to create beauty.Asan artist, Crevoshay mirrors the nature that inspires her, which in turn strikes a chord in those of us who are blessed to see her work.To her, gemstones are tangible light. As George Frederick Kunz said, sunsets fade and flowers fade, but the light and color that are the lure of gems are eternal.With gemstones being her medium, it seemed fitting to call the exhibition theGarden of LightLight is everlasting; we can still see the light emitted by stars billions of years ago, and the energy from our sun creates and sustains life, and all the natural processes on the planet and in the solar system. Crevoshay integrates the exquisite beauty that is revealed in the symbiotic dance of life.She uses minerals to depict flowers and insects and birds.Through this web of life the Earth sustains itself.It is the garden of life sustaining life that inspired the collection forGarden of Light.

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