color_jewelsCrevoshay’s “Beyond Color” Collection

When Paula Crevoshay was invited to participate it a special show at The Headley-Whitney Museum to commemorate the opening of their new jewelry wing Crevoshay decide to create a special collection. Crevoshay who is known as the “Queen of Color” decided to create a collection that went beyond color to focus on the forms that are recurrent in her work and to stretch her artistic expression. Thus was born the collection titled “Beyond Color”.

In the artist’s words: “Beyond Color is my contribution to the opening of the new wing at the Headley Whitney Museum dedicated to the art, and history of jewelry design. I chose the theme “Beyond Color” to encapsulate my three decades of designing jewelry with an emphasis on color. I felt in order to put my best foot forward I needed to incorporate color as a primary element in the collection I produced for this wonderful institution. The beyond in the series was solved by reaching a little higher for amazing gemstones and carvings from some of North America’s greatest lapidary artists and to stretch into designs that break out of the box in a myriad of ways. The vision found any artist’s work is in this world but not of it and “Beyond Color” hopes to touch that sensibility in the eye of the beholder.”

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