A beautiful expression of art and love and responsibility to what gives us joy and inspiration. It is so beautiful and masterfully done with taste and skill and beauty beyond what I can say. After that much Crevoshay, I have wings under my feet and I want to dance.” –  Jessie Benton

“The Crevoshay imagination is limitless, and it’s roots go very deep.  I say this with love and great admiration.”
Hanna Cook Wallace
“Looking at the nature pictures and the jewelry, it is wonderful to see the evolution of your jewelry. You can be proud of your beautiful creations – they rival nature.”
Helene Fortunoff
“Paula doesn’t walk.  She floats on slippered feet.  Never touching carpet, board or street.  But wafts air sent like a Luna moth or butterfly.  To greet a bemused passerby.  Her magic gems enthrall the wearer.  To become a happy bearer.  Of charmed delight.  Who’s been made a queen of day, of noon or night.”
Jane C. Raymer
“Paula won’t say this herself, but she is an artistic prodigy. She earned her Masters in Fine Arts and Painting at the young age of 22. She studied a great deal of art history and sculpture and mixed media, and went on to create full-room installations. She was always intrigued by the science of art, and when she discovered jewelry making at the age of 26, she was enamored by how the art form synthesizes so many different disciplines. Art, art history, the science of the metallurgy, the Mohs scale of hardness, the specifics and nuances of mine locations—all of these come together in the masterful execution of her craft.”
Michelle Orman
“Paula’s mastery of color lends her unique designs a stunning brilliance that others have attempted to imitate, but have never equaled. Her breathtaking creations reflect a true artistic genius and capture the wonder of the natural world.”
Deb Wilson
“Paula Crevoshay imbues in her work a painter’s eye, creating thrilling color combinations in rich, rare gemstone designs that soulfully capture nature in time. Wearing a Crevoshay is adorning in art, in nature, in color, in celebration of life! Her jewelry is playful, poignant, passionate, and full of personality—just like she is!”
Deborah Yonick
Jewelry journalist and trends tracker for nearly three decades.,
“Crevoshay is fascinated by this delicate sacred balance and marvels that some plants and animals have evolved so intimately that whole species of plants have staked their very survival on the continued services of a single insect, which may itself be similarly committed.”
Martin Bell
“When fine designer jewelry becomes Art: that’s Crevoshay. The rarity of the jewels involved and the color composition of her work sets it apart. Her work is intricate, well thought out, and the quality of the craftsmanship is impeccable.”
Benjamin G. Guttery
“From sleek stackers to a museum quality masterpiece! And I do mean literally museum quality: designer Paula Crevoshay is has shown her work in multiple museums.”
Becky Stone