Paula Crevoshay

Fine Art Jewels

Some great artists show a flash of genius and are gone, some show us a new vision and spend the rest of their careers repeating themselves and a few, the very greatest, continue to explore and reinvent themselves year after year taking their work and their audience to ever greater heights, enriching the broader culture in the process.  Paula Crevoshay is widely recognized to be among the very few in the later group.

From the very beginning Crevoshay has applied Fine Art Principles to jewelry design.   In addition to Fine Art, Crevoshay studied Anthropology, especially symbolism, and you will note in her very modern expression of artistic archetypes echoes of cultures past, which makes her work accessible to people everywhere.

Today Crevoshay enjoys the patronage of art connoisseurs and avid jewelry collectors the world over.  Her work has been exhibited in many museums and is on display at the Gemological Institute of America, The Carnegie Museum of Natural History and in the National Gem Collection at the Smithsonian Institution where it continues to surprise and delight new people every year.

Paula Crevoshay

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