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The Alfie Norville Gem and Mineral Museum

Paula Crevoshay is proud to support, and is honored be part of, the new Alfie Norville Gem and Mineral Museum of the University of Arizona which is housed in the historic Pima County Courthouse building in Tucson.

Tucson is a hub in the gem and mineral world with tens of thousands of people from dozens of countries converging there every February.  In addition to the trade and commerce taking place, many associations and societies, like those of museum curators, researchers and appraisers to name a few, both national and international, meet for planning, coordination, and education.

These special functions of the world-wide gathering will take on more prominence with the establishment of the new museum housing cutting edge research, as well as exhibition space, and the whole world will benefit.

Crevoshay has been invited to maintain a case of her work in the museum.  Of all the wonderful museums that exhibit her work, Paula is particularly excited to contribute to the Alfie Norville Gem and Mineral Museum because of its intimate ties to mineralogists, gemologists and jewelers the world over.

Paula Crevoshay is a metamorphisist™. She transforms gems and precious metals into wondrous objects of sublime beauty!

A little-known fact about Crevoshay is that in addition to her enormous artistic talent, she is a tetrachromat, which means that she has four cones in her eyes instead of the more usual three. It has been estimated that trichromates (those of us with three cones) can see about one million colors, but tetrachromates can see about one hundred million!

Because of this extraordinary sensitivity to color Crevoshay can harmonize secondary and tertiary colors, as well as the primary colors that most artists work with. This gives Crevoshay jewels a subtlety of beauty in both complimentary and contrasting colors far beyond the ordinary.

Crevoshay also understands the effects of refractive index (the different speeds that light travels through various gemstones and the resulting bending of the light), birefringence (the splitting of a light beam into two polarized rays at right angles to each other) and other phenomena, because she can actually see them.

When she pairs gems to accentuate and emphasize these effects, so can everyone else! She switched from painting to jewelry because with gemstones she says her palette is the light of the Earth itself.

In addition to her amazing talent and skill, Crevoshay draws deeply on Nature’s bounty of beauty for her inspired work. In this sense, in her art she is working with consciousness, both waking and dreaming.

In her special metamorphis Paula Crevoshay transforms the ethereal into the material, and in doing so she transforms the mundane into the divine!

Allan and Alfie Norville
Allan and Alfie Norville

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