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    How may we bring beauty into your life?

    I’m a fan! I love your work; please send me occasional emails with news and pictures of special exciting new jewels. I know it will be fun!

    I’m a connoisseur and want to become a Crevoshay Collector! Please let me know if there is Crevoshay representation near me. Here is some (optional) information about me to help us get started:

    I am interested in:


    I have a gemstone/s that I would like to have transformed into a Crevoshay jewel!

    I have a successful Art Gallery or Jewelry Store and I would like to explore the possibility of representing Crevoshay.

    Please tell us how you learned about the wonderful world of Crevoshay, what you like, and of course, anything we can do for you!

    Paula Crevoshay
    c/o Mellika Co. Inc.

    PO Box 16593
    Albuquerque, New Mexico 87191 USA
    505-898-2888 phone
    505-898-3888 fax

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