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Garden of Light (Ebook Downloadable Version) - Product Image

Garden of Light (Ebook Downloadable Version)

Garden of Light - Inspired Works by Paula Crevoshay

Each Crevoshay museum collection has transcended her previous efforts and set a new standard and Paula Crevoshay considers the Garden of Light to be her most successful to date.

Here Crevoshay returns to the natural world as a source of inspiration in an artistic tour de force that gives us not only a bounty of flowers and butterflies but goddesses and fairies, spiders and water spirits. She reminds us that the profound beauty and wonder to be found in the garden is limited only by human imagination, and that it is also a sensual journey: viewing the collection, one can almost feel the life-giving warmth of the sun and the nurturing embrace of the earth.

Crevoshay's high level of artistic mastery speaks to lovers of flowers and connoisseurs of jewelry alike. Those lucky enough to be both will find this book deeply satisfying.

The creation of this book coincides with The Garden of Light exhibition at
The Carnegie Museum of Natural HistoryApril - August 2013.


Price: $10.99