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The presentation ceremony of the "George Pendant" to the Smithsonian.

The presentation ceremony of the "George Pendant" to the Smithsonian was attended by Cristian Samper, the Director of the Smithsonian, Paula Crevoshay, the Artist, Martin Bell and Jeffery Post, the Curator of the National Gem and Mineral Collection. 

Dr. Post said "The beautiful cabochon, natural-green zircon is a stunning centerpiece in the classic Crevoshay designed "George Pendant".  This wonderful gift is the first piece of zircon jewelry in the National Gem Collection and we are delighted that it is a Crevoshay jewel."

George Pendant

The George Pendant

This extremely rare Green Zircon of amazingly fine quality and size has been cut en cabochon by George Crevoshay.  It is from the Ratnapura mines of Sarendip (Sri Lanka).  The elegant and understated design by Paula Crevoshay surrounds the bezel set stones in a halo of granulation on a satin finished field of gold framed by bright work set off with hand engraving.  The 18K handmade pendant is accented by all green tourmalines from Maine (north), California (east and west) and Africa (South).   The stone weights are: Zircon= 43.79 carat., Tourmaline= 2.72 carat., 1.61 carat., and Chrome Tourmaline= 0.72 carat.



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